Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sorry for being missing in action, blogger not happy

When we last talked I was going to post my colours for Rainforest Crunch by Needle Delights. Here they are.
Kreinik #8 braid any gold in your stash (I just used left-overs from previous pieces stitched)
Watercolours, 001 sandstone, 010 fiesta, 016 bark, 057 buttercup, 085 antique brass, 113 teak, 121 evergreen, 136 cedar, 139 kelp, 151 pewter, 173 redwood, 180 green tea, 195 paprika, and 198 arroyo.

Rainforest Crunch, finished

Several people have requested information on how to obtain the chart Blues in the Night by Jim Wurth mentioned in an early post. I am glad to be able to let you know our good friends and fellow stitchers at Scarlet Thread are now offering this lovely design as well as many others.

Here are a few more designs I stitched before my accident.

These are more Jim Wurth designs, Silken Sonata- Green canvas, Silken Symphony- Sandstone canvas and Silken Serenade-Red canvas. All these use Rainbow Gallery threads, beads and lots of interesting stitches. Great fun to stitch and they all fit into 8" x 8" stretcher bars so they are very portable. Very pretty aren't they.  Hope they inspire you.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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  1. i really like how your rainforest crunch turned out. i am using the original colours and simply hate the piece. it is dark and muddy. i am not sure if the original stitcher cut out the dark part of the thread or what, but my result are no where near the photo on the front of the chart. i looks as if you changed out some of the colours?

    i am sort of at a loss what to do with this piece now. i think because of my aversion to wildflowers i am going to just put this piece away and forget about it until i decide to dump it in the trash!