Monday, 24 September 2012

Home from ANG Seminar and Canadian/USA holiday

Hi everyone,

Firstly I must thank the committee of the ANG and all the volunteers who arranged such a wonderful event in Philadelphia. This was my first seminar and hopefully it will not be the only one that I am able to attend. Anne and I met lots of fellow stitchers who made us feel very welcome and we swapped stories and laughed lots and lots.

Anne and my first class was with Ro Pace, called Atlantis Rising. Ro was fantastic and I am sure everyone enjoyed the 4 days. Both of us came home with some of the motifs stitched and a bunch of new knowledge to lean on.  In fact one of our classmates completed over 2/3rds of the design, a very impressive result indeed.
Ro Pace and me waving to Jane at Chilly Hollow
We attended the auction, expo, cyberpointers meeting, both the welcome dinner and the awards dinner all of which are a story on there own. Oh boy, where do I start.  The auction was amazing and the prices bid for each piece even though they were in the several hundreds were real bargains for the buyers. Expo, oh oh, blew the budget badly and became a "stitching groupee" for the night. Having my picture taken with all the teachers and designers I could find and asking them to sign the charts I purchased from them. Totally unshameable, aren't I, and loved every minute. Cyberpointers meeting was a good way to catch up with the members and put faces to names. Big thank you to Anne Warner for her great welcome and great sense of humor. Hope to catch up with you all through Yahoo group. 

The second class we took was 2 days with Sue Reed, "Graphic Expressions". This class was full of helpful hints and lots of demonstration time given by Sue. We both came home with a far amount completed on the canvas. Met lots of great stitchers and learned lots.

The Marriott hotel was in a great location and was over the road to the Reading Market. Wow! you could eat at a different stall every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still not try everything. Personal favourite, roast turkey reuben sandwich on whole wheat and Amish apple pie. Yummmmm.

To all the people that made Seminar special. You know who you are. Thank you, thank you.
More news and photos later when I get over this bad case of jetlag.

Bye for now, Carol