Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sorry to anyone who tried to find the kimono projects in Needlepointers magazine

A very caring and observant friend let me know she couldn't find the kimono projects in her Needlepointers magazines. I humbly apologise for mixing up the publications, it should have read Needlepoint Now. Below is the project from Needlepointers, American Needlepoint Guild.

This piece is called 'Variations on a Trellis' by John Waddell. A really good exercise in laid work and a real eye opener on how different threads can have a dramatic effect on a stitch.

Rainforest Crunch is nearly finished, so the photo is not far away. I will also post the colours that I used soon.

The postman arrived with another lovely parcel and here is the chart.

This one is a chart that was a teaching piece designed by Jim Wurth, who sadly is no longer teaching but is releasing many of his designs in kit form. I fell in love with this one when I first saw it and it became a 'Must do' project. Lots and lots of Jean Hilton stitches with the Jim Wurth twist. He is just sooooo talented. Looking forward to stitching this one.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

The benefits of being a ANG member and magazine subcriber

As stitchers we are always looking to save a little money to buy those must have charts we just can't live without. Sometimes we overlook pattern charts freely available from generous designers  and the special projects from magazines.

I had a day yesterday looking through old magazines and found a couple of charts that I had forgotten and were stitched a few months ago, from 'Needlepointers', the ANG publication Oops these are from Needlepoint Now magazine, see above post for ANG stitched piece. Although I didn't have the threads listed some simple substitutions from what was at hand made these little kimino's fun to stitch.

The ANG website also has the 'Stitch of the Month' that is accessible to everyone and has some excellent projects to stitch. Take a peek if you are between projects or just want to use up some threads in your stash.

Happy stitching

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Specialty fibers

Good news. The first stitches were added to Rainforest Crunch since my accident. Only 2 more small squares but it's a start. Because it is stitched with 1 ply of Watercolours I was able to execute it one handed when the stretcher bars are attached to my floor frame. Will post a photo soon. While I was checking out the previous areas stitched I've came across some very interesting specialty fibers that seem to have added themselves to the end result. Can you guess where they come from?

You guessed it. This is my right-hand man 'Baxter' and the specialty fiber contributor. Seems every piece I create now has his dna carefully added forever. So out came the tweezers and I spent an hour removing the said fiber (aka very fine cat hair). But as any pet owner will agree life without these furry bundles would be not quite as rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed and sent along comments.
Happy stitching, Carol

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Don't underestimate your own talent

Many of the classes I have taught have required the students to choose their own colours and to alter the original design's layout. When students and test stitchers hear this the first reaction is to cover their ears and say Oh noooooo! But with a little encouragement by the teacher and by the input of other students I am always totally amazed at the end results.

This is the original class piece I designed.

Original- COPYRIGHT Carol J Young Designs 2011

Stiched by Karen B.

Stitched by Anne R.

Stitched by Lis S.

These pieces and other students work always inspires me to design more and more. Hope you enjoyed seeing them and it encorages you to spread your wings and try a little flight of your own.

Bye for now, Carol

Monday, 9 May 2011

What a lovely surprise

A big white van delivered these beautiful flowers this morning from my little sister. Aren't they beautiful. Wouldn't they make a lovely combination for a stitching project.


This colour combination might need a little more exploring. I feel a project taking shape.

Perhaps red, white, green and a warm gold stitched on a coloured canvas. What do you think?

Bye for now, Carol

Sunday, 8 May 2011

What can a stitcher do when they cannot stitch

Well unfortunately the shoulder is still broken according to the latest x-ray but slowly healing. So what to do, as 2 handed stitching is out of the question ?

I am able to show you more progress on Rainforest  which was finished earlier and may be an option for stitching one handed in a floor frame.

There is one more row to complete this piece and it was so much fun to stitch  I decided to do some retail therapy to enhance the stash.

'Rainforest Revisited' is the companion piece to the first, a little larger in size and an interesting combination of stitches.
The second is 'In my wildest dreams' and as the designer, the very talented Carolyn Mitchell advises is to use up all your odds and ends of threads left over from other projects. This could also be worked using overdyed and variegated threads in a range of  perhaps 2 complementary colours.

Here are 2 others I found by Laura Perin, which would look beautiful stitched in any colours. Itching to get started on all of these. Hope they inspire you too.

Well I am off to choose some threads for these great charts so that I'll be ready to start stitching as soon as possible.

Bye for now

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sharing needlework with the world

Still on the theme of friendship and stitching.

My stitching group, Thursday EGA of SA, for quite a few years has exchanged christmas ornaments( as talked about in my earlier blog ) with 'The Common Thread', a group formed in England by my friend Terri Wilson. Although Terri is no longer with us after a tragic brain haemorrhage her group has grown from strength to strength and the tradition has continued.approx.  2 years ago their then president Dee was in South Australia and presented our group with a band sampler. The chart and linen came from Terri's stash and each member of the group stitched a band.
Below is a photo of the band sampler they created.

Last year we, in exchange stitched a bookcover for the English group. Below is the front and back cover.

Sorry about the bad photographs, still learning how to achieve the best shots.
Hope you like what the groups created.

Bye for now, Carol