Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Beary good story

Hi everyone,
I have a lovely story to tell you today. Yesterday 25th my family got together for lunch there were 6 of us and a very large carry bag. Carry Bag? ummmm.
We ordered our meals, sipped coffee and chatted away for a little time and then the mysterious carry bag was lifted onto the table by my brother-in-law Gary. Before he opened the bag he told us that when my mother died a few years ago my sister Debbie had kept my mother's artificial fur coats in a wardrobe in her spare room and hadn't been able to let go of them. Well, he was playing around on the internet and found a lady called Nicole in Perth Western Australia who makes Bears and he had contacted her to ask her to make 3 bears from the artificial fur. Guess what came out of the mystery bag? You guessed it 3 bears, all different and all with character and attitude. They have our names on the soles of their feet and the words "In love of Mom". Needless to say happy tears all around and big hugs for Gary from all of us. What a wonderful surprise.

White Bear for Debbie,Chocolate Bear for Samantha and
Milk Chocolate Bear for Carol
On the stitching front there is only a little more of Trees finished and I have been setting up for my cyberclass piece Moorish Splendor so no photos yet.

Do hope everyone in Australia had a lovely Anzac Day with family and friends. A final few words, spoken many times today by returned soldiers and service men and women all over Australia.

"We will remember them"

Bye for now, Carol

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A computer triumph there is a slideshow

Hi everyone,
After much muttering and a few very naughty words I have been able to add a photo slideshow of some of my designs available as charts and also as free designs in previous posts. Woo Hoo. You can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

Last Wednesday the 18th was the Market Day. There were lots of visitors and many stall holders from all over Australia. This was my chance to market some of the photographed charts for sale. Although sales were slow I have learned a lot and I would do things slightly different next time. I had the chance to meet lots of lovely stitching enthusiasts and store owners and at the end of the day I was so exhausted I fell asleep not long after I got home.

Now I will be able to have some time to stitch some more designs waiting patiently in the WIP heap (or should I call it a mountain). Well, one thing I can state is I will never be bored there is just too much to do.

Thanks for dropping by, Happy stitching, Carol

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The sun is shining

Hi everyone,
Today is just glorious. The sun is warm the sky blue and the birds are out and about singing to us all. A day like this makes you feel 110%. So having said this there has not been a lot of stitching happening. I spent quite a few hours finishing up notes for charts and fine tuning the photos for their release on 18th April. Now all there is to do is wait and see how the market day goes.

Here is the latest photo of trees. Nearly two more trees completed. Sorry about the hoop marks but getting out the ironing board was just too much of a hassle. So just pretend they are not there and I will too.

I received a note from Cathe at Needle in a Haystack in California that my supplies for Jane Zimmerman's Moorish Splendor cyberclass are on their way. Looking forward to a surprise parcel. Cathe has been such a dear and has worked out another colourway for me to stitch this piece.  As Jane was not able to supply materials for this project to overseas students it was advised I contact Cathe to obtain what I needed. Many thanks Cathe. Looking forward to starting this piece as the class has started and I don't want to get too far behind.
So the WIP's are growing. I know, absolutely no self control when it comes to stitching. But isn't it fun starting new projects? Yes, you know it is.

There has been some amazing stitching going on out there. Some of my favourite designers are coming out with lots of new projects. To name a few Threedles, Laura J Perin, Needle Delights, Keslyns and Rosewood Manor. We are soooo spoiled for choice and because I know these are some of your favourite designers I will get to see you stitch them and post about your progress long before my copies get to the top of the to-do heap.

Happy stitching, Bye for now, Carol

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New chart designs and trinkets

Hi everyone,
Next week in Adelaide, South Australia is the “Beating Around the Bush” stitching event run by the Country Bumpkin Needlework Store. They are best known for their publication “Inspirations” and during this week as well as classes they have a mid week market day. Happily I have been offered the opportunity to display and sell some of my charts and trinkets. I have been busy for weeks behind the scenes creating these pieces, bits and bobs. 
Here is a little collage of a few of the items I will have on sale.

Copyright 2012,Carol J Young Designs

If there is anything that you may like to buy, please email me and I will let you know the price and postage costs if you are not able to attend this event. Little by little I will be adding more charts to my design range so keep a watch for these in the future. It is mainly my computer skills holding me back, but I am learning as quickly as I can.
If you are in Adelaide I hope to meet and chat with you at the event, click the link above for details of where and when.

On the personal stitching front I have completed a little more of My Little Trees but not enough to post a photo yet, but soon.
Yesterday friends Anne , Lis, Margaret and I had a lovely day packing kits for Margaret’s Sui Embroidery. Lots of luscious silk in heavenly colours and so many wonderful designs. It is just so easy to get sidetracked, (note to self: no you are not starting another technique, be strong)
I must pass on a big Thank You to Pam at Cottage Gardens Threads for adding me to her list of designers who use her wonderful threads. I plan to use many more in future projects. Many thanks, Pam
Happy stitching, Hope your day is a sunny and bright as it is here today.
Bye for now, Carol

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Marigold and Trees

Hi everyone,

Last Wednesday my friend Anne and I went to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, movie and enjoyed every minute. Maggie Smith was amazing and it was quite strange not to hear her rather refined speaking voice (as in Downtown Abbey) in this part she plays the part with a more “working class” tone. In equal parts it made you want to weep and then, moment’s later laugh. You come out of the cinema feeling good and that you had just spent 2 hours very well indeed. Go see it if you get the chance.
On the stitching front, here is some further work on My Little Trees. I think I will have to do some more of Keslyn’s designs, they are all quite small designs and fit in well as in-betweeners while stitching on larger projects.

Lara over at Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog posted about some amazing counted canvas stitchers from Russia. I had a look at their blog, needlepoint-club. The stitching is amazing with some really fantastic photographs of their finished projects. Really beautiful girls, I am in awe of your talents. Looking forward to future projects.
Happy Easter to you all, bye for now Carol.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pretty overdyed linen and evenweave

Hi everyone,
This week I received my order of overdyed linen from Sparklies and English company that dye some really amazing colours. One piece was a colour called Shades of Autumn and this was the one that I couldn't put away without stitching on it. In the stash was a Keslyn's design called "Mes Petits Arbres" or My Little Trees in English which is stitched on 28count 1 over 1 thread with 1 strand of silk. This was a good match and a chance to use some of Nancy's hand-dyed threads from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Here is what has happened so far. There are 12 little trees each measuring about 3" (8cms) x 1.5" (4cms) using only 3 colours, forest green, olive green and a red shade which I changed to a deep rose colour. Isn't this a lovely design, they would make such lovely presents when stitched separately for friends and family. I would love to see them stitched in Red on a creamy linen. Yummm.
Mes Petits Arbres
Keslyn's Copyright 2012

Sparklies Hand-dyed Fabrics

Tomorrow I am off to the movies with a friend to see "The best exotic Marigold Hotel" starring Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and a cast of many of my favourite actors. Heard it is a good laugh so I am looking forward to seeing this one. We might even slip-in lunch as an extra treat.

Happy stitching, I am off to read what you are all doing, Bye for now, Carol