Thursday, 12 April 2012

New chart designs and trinkets

Hi everyone,
Next week in Adelaide, South Australia is the “Beating Around the Bush” stitching event run by the Country Bumpkin Needlework Store. They are best known for their publication “Inspirations” and during this week as well as classes they have a mid week market day. Happily I have been offered the opportunity to display and sell some of my charts and trinkets. I have been busy for weeks behind the scenes creating these pieces, bits and bobs. 
Here is a little collage of a few of the items I will have on sale.

Copyright 2012,Carol J Young Designs

If there is anything that you may like to buy, please email me and I will let you know the price and postage costs if you are not able to attend this event. Little by little I will be adding more charts to my design range so keep a watch for these in the future. It is mainly my computer skills holding me back, but I am learning as quickly as I can.
If you are in Adelaide I hope to meet and chat with you at the event, click the link above for details of where and when.

On the personal stitching front I have completed a little more of My Little Trees but not enough to post a photo yet, but soon.
Yesterday friends Anne , Lis, Margaret and I had a lovely day packing kits for Margaret’s Sui Embroidery. Lots of luscious silk in heavenly colours and so many wonderful designs. It is just so easy to get sidetracked, (note to self: no you are not starting another technique, be strong)
I must pass on a big Thank You to Pam at Cottage Gardens Threads for adding me to her list of designers who use her wonderful threads. I plan to use many more in future projects. Many thanks, Pam
Happy stitching, Hope your day is a sunny and bright as it is here today.
Bye for now, Carol


  1. Congratulations on becoming a bigger designer and having more things ready to sell. That's a huge step, especially the computer part. These are all pretty. Perhaps we can have a close up of everything one by one eventually when you are not so busy fondling, ah, packing silks. How come I never get jobs like these?!!!?

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for the kind words. As far a computer skills go I have a long way to go. I am hoping to add a slide show with my designs but I need some help in how to do it. EEEkkk. Yes the silks are very yummy, I spent 1 week with hand creams and sweet almond oil nightly on my hands just so I didnt shread the flat silk, but it was worth it.