Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New project, From Molehill to Mountain

Hi everyone,
Yesterday was spent trying to bring together my colourway for the next cyberclass. I am going to stitch this one on congress cloth to keep the size down from meganormous the kilonormus. The first thread to chose was the overdye. In the pot came Dinky Dyes "Daydream" in cool shades of green, purple and blue, then the trouble started trying to find a light,medium and dark shade of each of the overdye colours. The house looked like it had been overrun by a hoard of marauding 3 year olds at a birthday party. After digging myself out of the boxes and bags of threads to be considered here is the end result. Click on the photo for a better look.
Carol's 1st choice colours for
From Molehill to Mountain by Pam Gardner
Cyberclass through Scarlett Thread

I have wisely posted a photo on the  group board to get the okay from Pam Gardner just to make sure I haven't made any totally useless colour decisions. Friends will not be surprised by my colour choices they are "Carol colours". Oh well, it hard to break out of the comfort zone.

Thank you for all your kind comments about Eureka I always enjoy Jean Hilton's designs and there are a few more in the workroom awaiting attention.

A few friends are stitching up a storm, here are a couple, just click them through my blog list on the right. 
Liz at Lizart is working on Altlantis Rising by Ro Pace and a mystery canvas piece through Cyberpointers both are beautiful and stitched to perfection.
Nicola of Stitching by a Cornish Seashore is working on a very large and beautiful sampler called Ann Medd check out how much she has been able to complete in just over 30 days. Wow...

Well I am off to stitch some more while I can, bye for now, Carol.
PS: My Needlepointers magazine arrived today with the Conference book. yippee, ya, hoooo. Now for some choosing.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Eureka! Second finish of 2012

Hi everyone,
Presenting Eureka!

Eureka! by Jean Hilton
Copyright 1991, Original colours
The only changes were a 1/16th ribbon for a 16 braid and I left out the beads. They were to be added over the top of Neon Rays and would not sit straight whatever I did, soooo out they went.

Next project is to finish Altengamme there are about 4 motifs to complete this piece and then it can be framed. I very rarely frame pieces they tend to accumulate in boxes in my workroom. It has always been about the stitching and the pure joy of creating the piece that keeps me stitching. Only very few have made it into frames over the years and this will be one. Although it will probably cost the Australian gross national debt to frame. Lol.............

Recently I signed up for 2 cyberclasses. Two Canvas pieces, 1. From Molehill to Mountain by Pam Gardner through Scarlett Thread on congress cloth (haven't used this before so this will be interesting) and 2. Moorish Splendor by Jane Zimmerman through Cyberpointers. Both are very different so I am looking forward to learning lots.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eureka and friends

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your kind comments. I have been able to stitch some more of Eureka. This one stitches up quite fast and Jean Hilton's use of Neon Rays for the rhodes stitches is perfect. The photo doesn't do justice to the shiny rayon and metallics. The pattern called for a Kreinik 1/16th ribbon number 043 which is no longer made, but how lucky am I. Back last year I bought some Au ver a soie metallics and amongst them was a couple of cards of number 16 Braid number 043, so I substituted that and it worked.

As for stitching friends, and I count anyone that stitches as a friend.
All the blogs below can be accessed through my bloglist on the right, take a peek and enjoy.

Recently I was introduced to Loretta Spears designs through a fellow blogger Lara of Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog. I always love to find new designs and or designers. There are some really lovely lacey and pastel pieces as well as ornaments and geometric designs. Although finding her charts may be a challenge isn't that part of the fun.

Jane over at Chilly Hollow blog, we are all waiting for a photo of your progress on the very bright and scary lady on the left of your blog page. Challenge time again

Ro Pace is back with us and blogging about her latest beautiful designs. Atlantis Rising will be a ANG conference piece this year and I am hoping to be there this year.

Coni at Spinster Stitcher blog has been keeping me busy redesigning my work/storage areas (in my head) the reality is not quite there yet. But I can dream.

I love to read all of your posts and I intend to be a little more interactive now that I have learned about more comments and following in the last few months. February was learn how to make a more pleasing site. Green is my favourite colour at present so this is why the background is now olive green. I find it soothing and makes reading the text easier. Hope it is okay for you.

Bye for now, Carol

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Small steps in the right direction

Hi everyone,
This week I was able to stitch a little more of Eureka. But...........there was some unstitching to do first. The first pink metallic smyrna row came out because I hadn't turned the right angled corners correctly, I tried ignoring it but that never works, so out it came. Then came the third row which is a combination of large crosses, part waffle and a couple of metallic fill in stitches. This section is a lovely pastel mix the next blocks of colour are more dramatic and I am looking forward to starting these next set of colours.

For a while I have been looking for a way to protect the ends of my Stork scissors. I have tried the Clover ones, corks and various holders, but recently Kay from the Embroiderers' Guild came up with the answer. Kay works in the health system and asked a few of her fellow workers to save the ends from the new scissors and medical instruments. They stay on when put in your stitching bag and they fit all kinds of scissors. Because they are "rubber" in texture and have a good grip on the end they come off easily when you need them to. It has the name Multigate embossed on the top. If you have friends who work at hospitals or the health areas ask if they can perhaps save them for you. The good thing is it is another little bit of recycling and that is always a good idea.
Here is a photo of the ends, together with my favourite scissors.

Thanks for stopping by. I am off to read your adventures. Bye for now, Carol

Sunday, 12 February 2012

One step forward and two back, it like that sometimes

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been stitching quite a lot but most of it is for classes or submissions for classes and so I haven't been able to share photos with you. I am hoping to take up and continue with my canvaswork piece Eureka very soon so I will post a photo as soon as possible.

Altengamme is patiently waiting for some attention also and the guilt is gnawing away. 

Isn't it wonderful how stitching never complains when you leave it alone in a dark corner for weeks on end and then drag it out into the light and stitch 3 whole stitches on it and then return it to the dark. Thank goodness, if my stitching pieces could talk to each other they would probably call strike action and march up and down the street in front of my house with banners saying "We demand better treatment for linen,canvas and threads". Ah oh the cat has just given me that look, you know the one that says "she's losing the plot again". Let us just chalk this up to stitching in excess and too many late nights.

Our Embroiderer's Guild is going to hold the bi-annual Members Exhibition in March. All members are asked to submit embroidered pieces for display. The theme this year is Medieval so this should be a very colourful display. If your are in South Australia it will be at Hughes Street, Mile End the opening will be the 1st March 2012, we would love to see you. I will be demonstrating stitching on Thursday nights during the evenings starting at 4.00pm so come and have a chat.

I promise more news and photos soon. Happy stitching to you all,
Bye for now, Carol

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Beautiful hand dyed threads

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for the encouragement to finish Altengamme, there has been a little progress only about 150 stitches but at least it is 150 stitches closer to a finish.

In January I was reading about VictorianMottoSamplerShoppe threads (click to follow the link) on a stitching friend's blog and became mesmerised by the beautiful hand dyed threads and trims. I ordered some Christmas colours to try and they arrived today. There are 20yds in each skein and the cotton is soft to the touch and will be a delight to stitch with. Nancy likes to share and quite often has give-away's of her threads but don't wait to try them hop online and buy some we need to support our talented suppliers.

Thursday night was Guild stitching group. I caught up with Lyn who allowed me to photograph her christmas exchange banner she received from Dee in England.

Santa was finished as a banner complete with a twisted green and red cord and a gold heart for the tassel at the end. Isn't he just lovely? I love the way his left foot is up the the air. Great work Dee as always.

Have a wonderful day stitching, now I am off the read about your stitching worlds.
Bye for now, Carol