Thursday, 2 February 2012

Beautiful hand dyed threads

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for the encouragement to finish Altengamme, there has been a little progress only about 150 stitches but at least it is 150 stitches closer to a finish.

In January I was reading about VictorianMottoSamplerShoppe threads (click to follow the link) on a stitching friend's blog and became mesmerised by the beautiful hand dyed threads and trims. I ordered some Christmas colours to try and they arrived today. There are 20yds in each skein and the cotton is soft to the touch and will be a delight to stitch with. Nancy likes to share and quite often has give-away's of her threads but don't wait to try them hop online and buy some we need to support our talented suppliers.

Thursday night was Guild stitching group. I caught up with Lyn who allowed me to photograph her christmas exchange banner she received from Dee in England.

Santa was finished as a banner complete with a twisted green and red cord and a gold heart for the tassel at the end. Isn't he just lovely? I love the way his left foot is up the the air. Great work Dee as always.

Have a wonderful day stitching, now I am off the read about your stitching worlds.
Bye for now, Carol

1 comment:

  1. The Santa is beautiful. What a lovely gift from Dee to your friend.

    Wishing you a good weekend.