Sunday, 26 February 2012

Eureka! Second finish of 2012

Hi everyone,
Presenting Eureka!

Eureka! by Jean Hilton
Copyright 1991, Original colours
The only changes were a 1/16th ribbon for a 16 braid and I left out the beads. They were to be added over the top of Neon Rays and would not sit straight whatever I did, soooo out they went.

Next project is to finish Altengamme there are about 4 motifs to complete this piece and then it can be framed. I very rarely frame pieces they tend to accumulate in boxes in my workroom. It has always been about the stitching and the pure joy of creating the piece that keeps me stitching. Only very few have made it into frames over the years and this will be one. Although it will probably cost the Australian gross national debt to frame. Lol.............

Recently I signed up for 2 cyberclasses. Two Canvas pieces, 1. From Molehill to Mountain by Pam Gardner through Scarlett Thread on congress cloth (haven't used this before so this will be interesting) and 2. Moorish Splendor by Jane Zimmerman through Cyberpointers. Both are very different so I am looking forward to learning lots.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Congress cloth differs from 18 count needlepoint canvas in that the holes are closer together (duh, it's 23 or 24 count instead of 18 count!) and the threads seem thicker. That means if you have to rip out, the holes where there was once thread that you have removed are enlarged. Doesn't matter if you just restitch an area but if you don't cover the holes you enlarged, you can tell a distinct difference between untouched congress cloth and ripped out congress cloth. So some folks take a needle and thread up without putting a knot in the thread and sew right through the untouched holes so it all looks the same! Congress cloth also shows water drops, so be careful with drinks and don't use a steam iron to get creases out.

  2. It's beautiful! Congrats on the finish.

  3. Good luck with your classes.

    Your finish is beautiful.

  4. It looks lovely, Carol! Well done!

    I've used congress cloth a lot. And ripped out a lot. Since you'll be restitching in exactly the same place on this piece, don't worry too much about the holes getting a little larger. There is one pesky thing about congress cloth that you do need to be aware of. It's "stretchier" than regular canvas and loses its tautness very quickly as you stitch. If you have Evertite stretcher bars, I highly recommend using them for this piece. Being able to tighten the canvas without removing and retacking would make my life so much easier, if only I had used them. I suppose I could transfer it. It's not like I'm making swift progress or anything, though I'm supposed to have it finished and framed for our chapter's group exhibit in Philadelphia in August.

  5. Your piece is beautiful. What great colors!

  6. This is amazing! WOW! Hugs from Poland!:)

    Cyber Julka