Sunday, 29 July 2012

Quaker ball finished, woo hoo

Hi everyone,
While I have been waiting for seminar I thought I would finish the Quaker ball. I just can't settle down to any project at the moment, just too plain excited about finally being able to be part of an ANG seminar, and the trip is only 3 weeks away.
Here is the photo of the very pretty quaker ball.
Amaryllis Artworks,Denise Harrington Pratt
Copyright 2011
Sorry about the photo being a bit blurred but you get the idea how great this project is. The instructions were very good and the construction part in the end was a breeze. Don't know why I stressed over it but there you are, it proves stress never solves anything.

Well I am off the start the pre-work for my Ro Pace class. Lots and lots of smyna's. Jean Hilton would be proud.

Bye for now, happy stitching, Carol

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy week with a little stitching

Hi everyone,
This week has been quite busy but I have managed to stitch a little, mainly in the evenings while watching the Tour de France and because it doesn't finish sometimes until 1.00am in the morning on Australian TV bleary eyed next day syndrome has been the result. Here is the progress on Quaker Ball.
Quaker Ball, Amaryllis Artworks
The large octagons and medium hexagons are finished so I have only the small squares to finish before the construction starts. Then the fun will start, the girls at the Guild are very interested to see how I cope with this part. The instructions are very good with clear and simply laid out notes so it should go smoothly. Definitely not something to by started on a day when I have been watching the race till all hours.

Thursday night is Guild stitching, so I get to see what everyone is working on. Lots of variety at our Guild, even one member unknitting a beautiful pair of socks for her Mum that had turned out a little tight around the ankle. That is what is so great about group stitching. You can sit and chat and do the things that you put off at home, like unstitching and you don't even notice the time ticking away. Lis was stitching on a Jan Houtman sampler using Waterlillies in colours of Mulberry and purples, a very large piece on 36count ivory linen but a real stunner. It was very interesting to see my friend Anne stitching on the pre-class work for Ro Pace's Atlantis Rising. The 2 colours of perle 12 that arrived with the canvas were really pretty and really remind you of deep ocean blues. This will be a stunning piece to work on, so looking forward to working it. My only concern is that my kit has not arrived yet and I only have until 20th August before I leave for conference. You say,"that's enough time", well its takes mail 2 weeks from USA to reach me so you can see how I am a little worried. I have emailed Ro but I am sure she is very busy at the moment and emails may not be her priority. I will have to be patient, it will all work out in the end.

There is a little more progress on FMTM a colour tryout of the 4th block. This one is a little dark so far but I will persist and see if it lightens a little with the addition of more shades.
FMTM,cyberclass from Scarlett Thread
by Pam Gardner
Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A finish, a start and a lovely surprise in the post

Hi everyone,
The flu virus has hit Adelaide in a big way and to  keep up with the Joneses I decided to go along with everyone else and join the virus club. Yuk. I am definitely not a pretty site at the moment. Currently doing a very bad impersonation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, but I think I have turned the corner as I am only using 1/2 a box of tissues a day instead of a whole box. Yippee.
On a much happier note.
First of all is finish of "Trees"
Mes Petits Arbres
Stitched with Victoria Sampler Shoppe thread on
handyed Britteny fabric by Sparklies UK one over one thread

Such a pretty piece and each individual motif would be nice to stitch as a gift.

Second is a start
Quaker Ball by Amaryllis Artworks
Copyright 2011
Stitched on 32 count white jobelan with DMC 3760
This is the first 6 octagons, next comes the hexagons and then some squares. I decided to use up a stash of this colour, so far it has taken 2 and half skeins to do this much. I would like to stitch this again later on 40count and use silks. This one is my trial to see how it goes. It is stitching up quite quickly and is good to stitch while watching TV at night.

And the best part, a nice surprise in the post.

Beautiful things from Jane at Chilly Hollow
A little while ago I wrote to Jane and asked if I may send her some 21st Century thread to try as a thank you for all of her help. Well, Jane being the lovely and generous person that she is decided we should do a thread exchange. So we each packaged up some threads and goodies and posted them to each other. Above is the lovely parcel I received with all sorts of "new" threads and a stunning sparkly candy cane magnet. I have been so spoilt. Thank you Jane from one threadaholic to another.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

Friday, 6 July 2012

My first teaching class for Country Bumpkin Australia

Hi everyone,
Saturday will be my debute teaching class for Country Bumpkin Needlework Store in South Australia. The class is a biscornu bag I created last year and is stitched with Valdani overdyed cotton and some pretty gold beads. This is going to be fun as the class is small so I will have lots of time to devote to each student.

Here is a photo of the project.
Biscornu Bag
Copyright Carol J Young Designs 2012
I have made a start on the Quaker Ball in the last post. The griding of the squares for each piece took a day and now I am able to fill in the patterns. I have decided to stitch it in blue on white evenweave, mainly because it was it my stash which is way out of control and I was determined not to buy anything else. (Saving up for holiday spending money). Took it to Guild stitching night on Thursday and got the girls approval. Photo to come later when I have stitched more.

Everything is on track for ANG Seminar in August, flights, accommodation etc have all been arranged. It is only about 6 weeks away. Yikes.... that time will go quickly. Exciting, isn't it?

Just received my next installment of FMTM so block 4 will be worked on soon.

Bye for now, Carol
PS: Welcome to my new followers, and a big thank you to all who have stuck with me since I dipped my big toe into the blogging world.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

What do you do on a cold rainy day?

Hi everyone,
The answer is stitch with friends. I had a great day on Saturday stitching and chatting with friends, Anne, Karen, Lis and Nicki. Lots of laughs and generally putting the world to rights. Karen was stitching a lovely huge sampler by Long Dog, Lis was stitching a very beautiful Moroccan Sampler by the very much missed Kay Monteclare, Anne was stitching a very beautiful  reproduction Westtown quaker sampler (sorry Anne the name eludes me again) in a rich rich red. Nicki didnt stitch but was busy keeping up with her very lively son and daughter plus working her magic as a chiropractor to all of us. To top it all off, Anne made my all time favourite for lunch, Tuna Mornay, yummm.
What did I stitch do you ask? Well, I have to be honest not a thing, the stitching was in the basket and on my lap but the needle never got threaded, it was just fun watching others stitch and enjoy.
I do have a couple of finishes that were completed earlier in the week.
Ornament from Just Cross Stitch Orn. 2011
by Keslyns
This will be made up into an ornament with a hanger. Another pretty Keslyns design.

Turquoise Gold - my colours of green and blue
This one stitched up very quickly and was a real fun piece. These have been great to stitch between waiting for cyberclass monthly updates. I still have a couple more to waiting in the stash to be done soon, but I think I will be sidetracked by the new chart that I bought recently.
The Quaker Ball, Amaryllis Artworks
Aren't they just gorgeous. Hard to believe they are all the same pattern but on different count fabric from 28count to 32 count to 40 count. Construction is not my greatest strength so this will be good practice. Looking forward to starting this one.

Bye for now, I am off the find some socks, my feet are freezing, Carol