Sunday, 29 July 2012

Quaker ball finished, woo hoo

Hi everyone,
While I have been waiting for seminar I thought I would finish the Quaker ball. I just can't settle down to any project at the moment, just too plain excited about finally being able to be part of an ANG seminar, and the trip is only 3 weeks away.
Here is the photo of the very pretty quaker ball.
Amaryllis Artworks,Denise Harrington Pratt
Copyright 2011
Sorry about the photo being a bit blurred but you get the idea how great this project is. The instructions were very good and the construction part in the end was a breeze. Don't know why I stressed over it but there you are, it proves stress never solves anything.

Well I am off the start the pre-work for my Ro Pace class. Lots and lots of smyna's. Jean Hilton would be proud.

Bye for now, happy stitching, Carol


  1. We are excited for you! Wish I was going to Seminar but you can have double the fun for us, ok?

  2. What a terrific finish. Two of my friends here are stitching this one and I can't wait to see one of these in person.

  3. Sorry Jane that you can't be at seminar and I am sure it will be lots of fun and lots of stitching.

    The quaker ball was a lot of fun to stitch and I may be tempted to stitch it again and smaller in the future. Thank you for your kind words
    Bye for now.