Monday, 26 August 2013

Stitching along nicely then bam.................

Hi everyone,

Murphy's Law: When you don't want something to hold up your stitching projects along comes Murphy and plants his big foot so you trip and fall face first into a heap. I was happily catching up and designing new pieces and wham, my right thumb decided not to work properly. All my own fault I might add. It was natures way of saying "Aye slow down chump and smell the roses".  It is called trigger thumb and is a tendonitis problem. So lots of stretching and massaging and swearing for being so stupid it is improving very slowly. So at this point may I say a few words of warning to all my friends. You, must take breaks, yes you, you know who I am talking to. Or dire consequences may be the end result. Enough said.

A little while ago I asked my friend Karen if she would be interested in helping finish some of my long term works in progress and because she is a very generous person and I might add has a wicked sense of humour (she paid me out big time for the bits I had stitched) she agreed.

Here is the first finish, 1 third me 2 thirds Karen's work.

Rosewood Manor - Quaker Diamonds
32count mottled linen and Valdani threads
Lower section
and finally the whole piece
The finished design
I haven't managed to stitch much in the last 2 weeks just to give the thumb a rest but I am having to sit on my hands to keep my fingers out of my stitching box. At least I can enjoy all of your lovely work. Take care friends.

Bye for now, Carol

PS: Hello to my Spanish speaking friends. Thank you for your kind words.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nearly one whole year since ANG Conference

Hi everyone, 
I can't believe it is nearly a year since ANG Philadelphia. Although I would love to attend again one day it wont be for a few years unfortunately. Can I wish everyone who is going this year a great conference and I would love to see what you stitch.

Friends and I spent a lovely day sorting over 400 skeins of beautifully coloured silk into dark to lightest shades ready for packing into kit size cuts. We had four long trestle tables with rows of rainbow colours silks, just beautiful. Needless to say it will take a couple more days of work to get them completed. Being a threadaholic this was just thread heaven.

Another beautiful orchid to share
Sorry no stitching pictures today but I hope the beautiful orchid above will make you smile. As I am typing this the wind outside is howelling and the rain is coming down sideways. So a reminder of sunny days and pretty flowers is just what is needed to brighten grey skies.

Happy stitching, bye for now Carol

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My first class in Queensland

Hi everyone,
The booklet for Koala Conventions 2014 has just been printed. This week long convention runs from 28 June to 6 July 2014 in Brisbane, Queensland and I have 2 classes on offer.

"Elegance" in two colourways

"Egypt" by Carol J Young Designs
Each class runs for 2 days so there will be plenty of time for relaxed and fun class time. I haven't been to Queensland for quite a few years so I am looking forward to my time there. The way this year is flying by it will be 2014 before we know.

The little Periwinkle Promises pillows have their tiny tassels and I have added to the collection of near finishes.
Mexico,Italy,Sweden and China
Periwinkle Promises,35/36ct ,silk threads
This last 6 months has been a very trying time for a few of my friends and my family with sickness and bereavement marring 2013. To you all a big hug. Last night the girls got together and talked, reminisced and laughed. Thanks to Anne for being the host who makes the best Tuna Mornay in the Southern Hemisphere and thanks to the company of great friends.

Here is a flower spike from a beautiful Green (favourite colour) orchid grown by Joan. Isn't it beautiful.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol