Monday, 26 August 2013

Stitching along nicely then bam.................

Hi everyone,

Murphy's Law: When you don't want something to hold up your stitching projects along comes Murphy and plants his big foot so you trip and fall face first into a heap. I was happily catching up and designing new pieces and wham, my right thumb decided not to work properly. All my own fault I might add. It was natures way of saying "Aye slow down chump and smell the roses".  It is called trigger thumb and is a tendonitis problem. So lots of stretching and massaging and swearing for being so stupid it is improving very slowly. So at this point may I say a few words of warning to all my friends. You, must take breaks, yes you, you know who I am talking to. Or dire consequences may be the end result. Enough said.

A little while ago I asked my friend Karen if she would be interested in helping finish some of my long term works in progress and because she is a very generous person and I might add has a wicked sense of humour (she paid me out big time for the bits I had stitched) she agreed.

Here is the first finish, 1 third me 2 thirds Karen's work.

Rosewood Manor - Quaker Diamonds
32count mottled linen and Valdani threads
Lower section
and finally the whole piece
The finished design
I haven't managed to stitch much in the last 2 weeks just to give the thumb a rest but I am having to sit on my hands to keep my fingers out of my stitching box. At least I can enjoy all of your lovely work. Take care friends.

Bye for now, Carol

PS: Hello to my Spanish speaking friends. Thank you for your kind words.


  1. Absolutely beautiful quaker sampler! You both did a great work!


    1. Hi Tatyana,
      Karen stitches beautifully, She never carries threads across and the back is as good as the front. I aspire to this but I don't very often achieve it, Bye for now, Carol

  2. Oh, NO! Take good care of yourself and remember those stitching breaks from now on.

    1. Thank Jane,
      Too late she cried. I should have know better.
      Take care too, bye for now, Carol

  3. Oh I have had surgery for that, it was simple and the pain was totally gone,is a common ailment they tell me! It was on my left hand and I am right handed so never stopped me from stitching, good luck and hope you are back to regular life soon!

    1. Good to hear you are pain free. Unfortunately it is my stitching hand. Lets hope it doesn't get to surgery. Thank you so much for your kind words. Stitch a stitch for me. Bye for now, Carol