Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Royal show needlepoint

Hi everyone,
I still haven't been able to stitch much yet. The thumb is very slowly getting better but this will obviously not be a quick fix thing.

Last week was the South Australian Royal Show (similar to a State Fair in the USA) and after many years of not submitting entries into the Craft displays I finally had something framed and finished at the right time of the year. I put in 2 entries, 1 in the canvas section and another in the cross stitch area. To my surprise both pieces won ribbons.

Dowigiac by Jean Hilton
Me petite ambres by Keslyns Designs
The photos are a little on the little side but they both now have glass added so taking the photos without shadows was a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately taking photos at the show venue is not allowed so sorry no photos of other lovely pieces there but with over 300 entries. I am so very happy about receiving 2 ribbons considering the standard of work on display this year.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Congratulations! Both pieces are beautiful. Hope the thumb heals quickly

    1. Thank you Margaret. It is a real downer not to be able to stitch but I can enjoy your work in the meantime. Happy stitching, Carol

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Much deserved ribbons. The little photos look lovely. Wish we'd all been there to look at all the lovely work and celebrate with you.

    1. Thank you Jane. Pity there is so much mileage between Oz and USA. I love reading all your helpful information and stitching triumphs. Bye for now, and keep well. Carol