Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stitching lots and lots of smyrna crosses

Hi everyone,

Woo Hoo. Finished my class prework for Ro Pace's class in Philadelphia. Must admit we only had to do the right hand side of the outline consisting of lots and lots and lots of smyrna crosses. If I had read all (underline all) of the instructions I could have saved myself about 300 extra smyrna's. That's me all over, how many times have I read "read all instructions before stitching", sorry to say it looks like it hasn't sunk into the space between my ears. But guess what? Boy if you ever want smyrna's stitched I am your gal I was even stitching them in my dreams.

The countdown is ticking away. Busily adding to my packing list. Yep I make a list then tick things off as I pack. May I add even with the list of all lists I always forget something but as long as I remember all the important stitching stuff who cares hey? Rumour has it they have stores that sell things in USA lol...............

I have started a small cross stitch piece to do in the next few days so that I will not add to the large pieces of WIP's currently in my basket. There will be a photo when I have more to show you. It is stitched on a hand-dyed fabric and uses Gentle Arts Sampler threads. The colour is a mix of navy/grey and the main cross stitch is done in GAST- Freedom a darker shade of the linen colour so this one takes a bit of brain power to make sure you pick up the right amount of linen threads. Eventually it will be a sewing kit when completed.

Well thats it for now, I am off to stitch a welcome baby card for a friend,
Bye for now, Carol