Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eureka and friends

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your kind comments. I have been able to stitch some more of Eureka. This one stitches up quite fast and Jean Hilton's use of Neon Rays for the rhodes stitches is perfect. The photo doesn't do justice to the shiny rayon and metallics. The pattern called for a Kreinik 1/16th ribbon number 043 which is no longer made, but how lucky am I. Back last year I bought some Au ver a soie metallics and amongst them was a couple of cards of number 16 Braid number 043, so I substituted that and it worked.

As for stitching friends, and I count anyone that stitches as a friend.
All the blogs below can be accessed through my bloglist on the right, take a peek and enjoy.

Recently I was introduced to Loretta Spears designs through a fellow blogger Lara of Diet Pepsi and Xanax blog. I always love to find new designs and or designers. There are some really lovely lacey and pastel pieces as well as ornaments and geometric designs. Although finding her charts may be a challenge isn't that part of the fun.

Jane over at Chilly Hollow blog, we are all waiting for a photo of your progress on the very bright and scary lady on the left of your blog page. Challenge time again Jane............lol............

Ro Pace is back with us and blogging about her latest beautiful designs. Atlantis Rising will be a ANG conference piece this year and I am hoping to be there this year.

Coni at Spinster Stitcher blog has been keeping me busy redesigning my work/storage areas (in my head) the reality is not quite there yet. But I can dream.

I love to read all of your posts and I intend to be a little more interactive now that I have learned about more comments and following in the last few months. February was learn how to make a more pleasing site. Green is my favourite colour at present so this is why the background is now olive green. I find it soothing and makes reading the text easier. Hope it is okay for you.

Bye for now, Carol


  1. Oh, Miss Carol. Thank you for using the word "dream" rather than "nightmare" in the same sentence as my name! Usually, you don't see that.

    LOVE the piece you're working on now! Thanks for sharing!


  2. wow, this is an amazing piece! i love the colours. so many design choices out there, hard to keep my mind on just LS.