Saturday, 18 February 2012

Small steps in the right direction

Hi everyone,
This week I was able to stitch a little more of Eureka. But...........there was some unstitching to do first. The first pink metallic smyrna row came out because I hadn't turned the right angled corners correctly, I tried ignoring it but that never works, so out it came. Then came the third row which is a combination of large crosses, part waffle and a couple of metallic fill in stitches. This section is a lovely pastel mix the next blocks of colour are more dramatic and I am looking forward to starting these next set of colours.

For a while I have been looking for a way to protect the ends of my Stork scissors. I have tried the Clover ones, corks and various holders, but recently Kay from the Embroiderers' Guild came up with the answer. Kay works in the health system and asked a few of her fellow workers to save the ends from the new scissors and medical instruments. They stay on when put in your stitching bag and they fit all kinds of scissors. Because they are "rubber" in texture and have a good grip on the end they come off easily when you need them to. It has the name Multigate embossed on the top. If you have friends who work at hospitals or the health areas ask if they can perhaps save them for you. The good thing is it is another little bit of recycling and that is always a good idea.
Here is a photo of the ends, together with my favourite scissors.

Thanks for stopping by. I am off to read your adventures. Bye for now, Carol