Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sharing needlework with the world

Still on the theme of friendship and stitching.

My stitching group, Thursday EGA of SA, for quite a few years has exchanged christmas ornaments( as talked about in my earlier blog ) with 'The Common Thread', a group formed in England by my friend Terri Wilson. Although Terri is no longer with us after a tragic brain haemorrhage her group has grown from strength to strength and the tradition has continued.approx.  2 years ago their then president Dee was in South Australia and presented our group with a band sampler. The chart and linen came from Terri's stash and each member of the group stitched a band.
Below is a photo of the band sampler they created.

Last year we, in exchange stitched a bookcover for the English group. Below is the front and back cover.

Sorry about the bad photographs, still learning how to achieve the best shots.
Hope you like what the groups created.

Bye for now, Carol

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  1. Hi, just found your blog thanks to your ANG post! Lovely job. Hope you mend quickly! Glad to see more needlepoint going on in Oz. I spent some time in Sydney a few years ago & found very little needlepoint there. Keep up the good work.