Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stitching friends are extra special people

Stitching and wonderful friends definately go hand in hand. After my recent accident I have come to realise how being part of this 'family' makes lifes little set backs bearable. So many offers of help and kind wishes.

Many thanks to you all.

Although not able to stitch at the moment,  I thought looking through my past stitched pieces would 'hit the mark'.

So below, first up is Jim Wurth's, Blues in the Night, stitched in the original colourway simply because I believed it was just perfect as is.  What do you think?

This is a true joy to stitch using a lot of Rainbow Gallery threads. It has lots of sparkle and plenty of challenging stitches.

The second piece is another Jim Wurth, Xanadu, published in Needlepointers Magazine, ANG publication and originally stitched in whites and golds.

The colours and threads this time were from my stash so they don't have the dramatic image that RG threads create. Lots of lovely stitches and my first attempt at a chilly hollow stitch (the 4 large diamond shapes). This is not a large piece to stitch but has lots of challenge with good instructions.

Happy stitching, Carol

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  1. I love your colors! I've seen Xanadu stitched in the whites and golds, and it's beautiful; but yours is striking! Very different and equally gorgeous.