Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Murphy,s law - just when you least expect....

A lot has happened since my last post. You know when life is going just right there just has to be a little hiccup somewhere off in the distance, right?

Well my hiccup arrived over easter. Walking out of a service station (gas station) and executing a perfect "10" swan dive over the concrete thingee the cars park against and landing shoulder first onto the concrete driveway. One ambulance ride, with hunky paramedics and several x rays later, yes its badly broken. Moral of the story, 'watch where you put your big feet, Carol. Too late she cried.

At the moment the arm looks like the family tree at christmas and Im sure it would glow in the dark with the lights out.

Although not as much stitching will be happening this stitcher is determined to get better as soon as possible. Stitch a stitch for me.

Bye for now, Carol

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