Monday, 18 April 2011

Changing colours on projects

Many times I have wished a design was in a different colour than the stitched original. The choice of threads on the market today gives the stitcher an almost endless palette to choose from and the variegated and overdyed threads give us so much inspiration that changing these projects is most times easier than you think.

The first photo is a chart by Jean Hilton- Darien, using the colours in the chart.

This colour combination although pretty would not have been my first choice, so I started off by asking my LNS to help with colours and then tweeked them even more till they were to my taste and closer to the colours in the picture on the chart.

The second photo is a little on the light side which is due to my lack of skill as a photographer, but it shows how colour can make a bit difference to your work.
Happy stitching, Carol

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