Monday, 4 April 2011

Think happy thoughts and peruse stash

I have just decided I am becoming 'very high maintenance'. A trip to the dentist on Monday and the doctor on Tuesday for the 6 monthly check up. Getting older really is just not on.
Mee thinks its time to go and peruse the needlework stash to lift the spirits and brighten the day.

Currently I've been working on a Jim Wurth decagon called Old Country the colours are really lovely and working on 10" stretcher bars makes it easy to stitch.

Also have several WIPs Jim Wurth, Prelude to Peace, 2 Jean Hilton pieces, Mystique and Dowagiac. All 3 of these are quite large so rotating them helps to keep the stitch finishing rate going.

The weather is glorious so me and my stitching are moving into the backgarden for a day in the sun.

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