Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Specialty fibers

Good news. The first stitches were added to Rainforest Crunch since my accident. Only 2 more small squares but it's a start. Because it is stitched with 1 ply of Watercolours I was able to execute it one handed when the stretcher bars are attached to my floor frame. Will post a photo soon. While I was checking out the previous areas stitched I've came across some very interesting specialty fibers that seem to have added themselves to the end result. Can you guess where they come from?

You guessed it. This is my right-hand man 'Baxter' and the specialty fiber contributor. Seems every piece I create now has his dna carefully added forever. So out came the tweezers and I spent an hour removing the said fiber (aka very fine cat hair). But as any pet owner will agree life without these furry bundles would be not quite as rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed and sent along comments.
Happy stitching, Carol

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  1. Specialty fibers are the bane of my framer's existence; he painstakingly teases every one of them out with his tweezers. His wife is a prolific stitcher, and I'm sure their cat contributes many to drive him nuts.