Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sorry to anyone who tried to find the kimono projects in Needlepointers magazine

A very caring and observant friend let me know she couldn't find the kimono projects in her Needlepointers magazines. I humbly apologise for mixing up the publications, it should have read Needlepoint Now. Below is the project from Needlepointers, American Needlepoint Guild.

This piece is called 'Variations on a Trellis' by John Waddell. A really good exercise in laid work and a real eye opener on how different threads can have a dramatic effect on a stitch.

Rainforest Crunch is nearly finished, so the photo is not far away. I will also post the colours that I used soon.

The postman arrived with another lovely parcel and here is the chart.

This one is a chart that was a teaching piece designed by Jim Wurth, who sadly is no longer teaching but is releasing many of his designs in kit form. I fell in love with this one when I first saw it and it became a 'Must do' project. Lots and lots of Jean Hilton stitches with the Jim Wurth twist. He is just sooooo talented. Looking forward to stitching this one.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Do you remember whaat issue of NeedlePointers the John Waddell piece was featured?

  2. Carol,
    I love your blog and so sorry to hear about your accident. It will heal in time. I too broke my shoulder, but in a biking accident. I have been admiring Rainforest Crunch so I was excited to see your modification to the color way and will be curious to see the thread guide. Tony Minieri has a piece called Stars for a New Millenium and have been stumped as to what color way to use - Rainforest Crunch came to mind. I'm been stitching for five years and have been doing decorative stitches on painted canvas. I did cross-stitch "And They Sinned" by Exemplar Dames and a rug by Elizabeth Bradley (four squares with victorian bell pull as border) so I do like counted work. I happened upon your blog via Jane at Chilly Hollow. One last thing for now - the Jim Wurth Gold and Silver piece is exceptional and Laura Perrin's Long Study. I found the Perrin piece the other day on the Spinster Stitcher's blog (She's very funny!). So, you have a new fan fellow Commonwealther. I'm from Canada, but live in New York City. Beth