Thursday, 16 June 2011

The world of guilt laden WIP's

How many of us have more than 5 wip's (works in progress). Be honest, I'm being kind by using 5 as a starting point. We torture ourselves that we should finish this one or that one, making promises it will be completed before we start the new chart that's burning a hole in the top of the stitching basket. Well, one of the favorite sayings of my stitching friends is "there are no stitching police". Be kind to yourself and reduce your stress levels, because you are not alone. Out of my immediate stitching group of friends there is only one who consistently finishes all projects. Hi KB.
We all humbly bow down and cry "we are not worthy" when she proudly shows the latest finished and beautifully stitched design. Then we all have "flash backs" to all of the designs we had on the go and others we started but still haven't finished at the time she started the piece.

It takes a will of iron, that I and many others don't have to complete all WIP's we have in our lifetimes. But you must admit starting them was just the greatest joy.

Unfortunately I don't have any solutions to this dilemma and reading other stitchers blogs I realize bribery, trickery and deadlines just don't work. So next time you are having a stern conversation with yourself about your WIP basket, just think about the thousands of other baskets out there in the world keeping it company.

Here is my list of needlepoint WIP's. We won't discuss the other forms of needlework, that's a whole other story.

Mystique, Jean Hilton
Prelude to Peace, Jim Wurth
Independence Day, Laura J Perin
Dowagiac, Jean Hilton
Old Country, Jim Wurth
Morganite, DeBees Designs
Kimono, Hummingbird designs
SOTM 2011, Ro Pace

Here's are photo of WIP Mystique, by Jean Hilton

Happy guilt free stitching, bye for now, Carol

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