Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cyberclasses and how they make the world a smaller place

Being a Needlepointer in Australia is quite different. The ability to visit a needlework shop and choose needlepoint charts and threads from a wall of colour is not always possible. Yes we do have access to Caron, AVAS,Presencia, YLY, Gumnuts, DMC, Anchor, Kreinik threads to name a few,but the textured threads offered by Rainbow Gallery are not available. Substitutions are sometimes possible but this is where it can become difficult to match colours and weights of thread from company to company.

Our solution comes in 2 parts.

1.Buy designs and have them kitted overseas. Many LNS will offer to change the colours from the original if you give them a starting colour or thread. Plus a lot of designers also offer alternative colourways with their designs, giving the stitcher even more choices.

2.Join a cyberclass. 99% of cyberclasses offer a kitted pack to their students. If you have never taken a class this way, here is an overview of how it works.

(a) Find a class you would like to take. Try ANG,Cyberpointers, Shining Needle Society, EGA of South Australia or various designers including Orna Willis and Laura J Perin, there are many others too numerous to name.

(b) Most of these groups require you to join and pay a yearly fee or class fee  (well worth the dollars invested). Payment is usually through Paypal who become the handler between the buyer and the seller. They keep your credit card details safe.

(c) Create a yahoo account. Not a difficult thing to do. Just follow the questions and tailor your account to how you would like.

(d) Sign up and pay for your cyberclass online.

(e) The kit, (included would be instructions,threads, canvas) will be posted to your address prior to the start of the cyberclass.

(f) Sign into the yahoo group created for this design to keep in contact with the teacher and the other students. Always remember that all questions you have are valid and no question is frivilous or as silly as you may yourself think.

(g) Enjoy. Many students will post photos of their work as they stitch. Join in and post your comments, questions and photos of you own.

I hope this little note will encourage all long distance stitchers to branch out into the world of cyberstitching.

Below is my WIP cyberclass, Prelude to Peace, by Jim Wurth. The colours have been changed with the help of the LNS who supplied the kit. Many thanks Marianne.

Bye for now, happy stitching, Carol


  1. Your colors are beautiful. Thanks for posting a new version of Jim's piece.

  2. Where/who is "LNS" and do you know if they will sell the chart without taking the class? I've been trying to get a copy of Prelude to Peace.

    - Beth