Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A little bitty chart to you from me

Here is one of my itty bitty charts for you to play with.

 Start with 3.5" (9cm) square mono canvas, find the centre and stitch the four jessica's. Turn the canvas 1/4 turn for each stitch. Come up at 1 and down at 2 in all of the stitches.
Use #8 Braid - example used 8 strand Treasure Braid, turquoise TR97.

Example used 18 count Eggshell  deluxe mono canvas (called Royale in Australia)and 1 ply of silk and braid.
 Next a two colour row of scotch stitches. Example used Gumnuts silk 'Buds' colour Light blue no. 365 and Light green no. 626
Next a row of triple tied cross. Example used Gumnuts silk 'Buds' Medium pink no. 196

Complete by stitching the corner scotch stitches with #8 braid.

 Unfortunately my skills do not yet include being able to add to this blog the nice chart I have created for this design. But if you click on the picture it will enlarge enough to be able to count the weave so you can work it from the picture.

As this only takes very little thread please feel free to use up the itty bits of thread from your stash or treat yourself to the beautiful Gumnuts silk used in the example.

The design area is 2 1/4" (6cms) square, just repeat the pattern in sets of 4 for a bigger design or a vertical row for a retangle.

Try mix and matching the colours for quilt effect. In others words, play and have fun.

Thanks to Jane at Chilly Hollow blog for pointing out that John Waddell has a website under

Happy stitching,bye for now Carol



  1. Glad to help out, Carole. And thanks for the lovely little charted piece. It will make lovely little ornaments for gift tags, Christmas ornaments, and just something cute for the bulletin board at work.

  2. Thanks, Carol. It's a lovely piece.