Thursday, 30 June 2011

Like a fish in a goldfish bowl, round and round in circles

Frustration is the name of the game. It's now 2 months and still the laying tool arm won't let me stitch and needlepoint. Ughhh... Oh that felt good. Nothing like a little hissy tiff and some good foot stamping. The soapbox is now safely locked away, thank goodness.

Still working on Quaker Diamonds, cross stitch, it's a lovely piece and it's keeping me from climbing the walls. I do get me canvas "fix" by reading all the great blogs.

There has been lots of designing on the computer going on. Currently there are 3 pieces I am working on. A small design called Saracen Jewels, a medium size design called Nile Jewels and a larger piece called Minerette. Luckily the first 2 (Saracen and Nile) were stitched earlier, so a friend is test stitching and expanding Nile, the process of creating the paperwork side of Saracen is taking place and Minerette is a whole new concept so its in the early stages. A big thank you to my stitching friends for offering to test stitch these pieces for me. Will post photos as soon as they are completed.

Because there is not much stitchy stuff to share with you at the moment, here is a photo of another WIP, plus my favourite rose from my garden, it reminds me of old paper.

Tranquil Dreams, by Carolyn Mitchell

Laura's Rose, starts as an brown-orange bud the opens to an old paper colour.

To answer a question asked about Prelude to Peace and the abbreviation LNS.

P2P was a cyberclass run through Shining Needle a Yahoo group in 2011. Jim Wurth the designer has stopped teaching and is slowly releasing his designs for sale as charts. His contact for purchasing charts is Marianne at Threadneedle Street in Palm Desert, California. She may be able to add you to a request list and notify you if it becomes available. LNS = Local needlework shop.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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