Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A little taste of exotic threads and fibres

Searching through my thread collection I was amazed by the number of different countries now producing some fantastic threads and fibres for the needleworker.
Here are just a few.

USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Romania, China, France, Greece, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and I am sure I have missed many more. Today with the access to the world through the internet, purchasing threads overseas is just a mouse click away.

Below are some photos of threads in my collection. Hope they inspire you to search them out and try them for yourself in your next project.

Starting from top left to right:
Glitter cord, New Zealand,
Perle thread, The Dyepot, New Zealand,
Silk thread,lavender Kacoonda Hand Dyed Threads, Australia
Silk thread green Dinky Dyes, Australia,
Silk thread emerald and multi Illuminations by Jacinta Leishman,
Cotton overdyed, Primke Designs, Australia,
Bottom left to right:
Overdyed cotton, 21st Century Yarns, England
The Pure Palette, soy luster shadows, USA
Silk, Vineyard silk, Wiltex threads, USA

Top left to right:
House of Embroidery, cotton overdye, South Africa
Cottage Garden Threads, overdyed bright, Australia,
Stranded cotton, Valdani threads, Romania

Bottom left ot right:
Silk, Au ver a Soie, France
Reeled rayon, Chikan embroidery company, India
Multi coloured Sashiko thread, Japan

From left:
Overdyed cotton, Oliver Twists by Jean Oliver, England
Overdyed cotton mustard and purple, Stef Francis, England
Ball Perle 8, Finca, Presencia, Spain
the rest are listed in the other photos above.

I have included web addresses in some, but a search on the names will find most and searching is half the fun. If you click on the photo it will enlarge enough  to be able to read some of the tags attached to the threads.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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