Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bits and bobs rolling around in my head

Today in South Australia is grey,overcast and about 13 degrees C, which means being curled up in your favourite stitching spot with the heating on is the best place to be. Days like this are what I call 'guilt free', meaning anyone is prefectly justifed only doing what they want to do not what they should do like housework. gardening or any outside pursuits in general. So if your day is grey like mine enjoy the time with your needle and thread.

Blogger has been having problems of late and unfortunately signing in and reading your comments was not possible for about a week. Yesterday I was finally able to recover some comments and questions, so here are my answers to a couple of questions.

The John Waddell design Variations on a Trellis was from the March 2002 edition of Needlepointers magazine. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any other of his designs but Jane Zimmerman and Ann Strite-Kurz have both written excellent books about trellis and overlaided patterns. Each has a website worth investigating (don't exceed the budget, well at least try not to) their books are very detailed and well diagrammed.

A little about framing finished pieces. Most of the pieces that I've finished are not framed they are simply stapled to acid free matboard (what the frameshop uses) to keep them from being damaged and then wrapped in acid free tissue paper. Although it would be nice to have them framed and displayed in my home, the joy for me has always been in the stitching of the designs not what happens to the pieces after they are stitched. Australian framers are only just starting to experiment with artistic framing that breaks away from the frame and 2 colour rectangular mats of yesteryear. I came across an American framer/studio doing extrordinary work. The name is Rensel Studio and she has a blogspot showing some of these amazing framed pieces. Have a look and just enjoy, some fantastic stitched designs.

Thank you for all your kind wishes, I start phsyiotherapy tomorrow to get the shoulder moving. So hopefully holding a laying tool will be possible soon.

Here is a photo of Baxter doing his morning garden patrol. Will post more stitching soon.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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