Sunday, 21 August 2011

A little more of Galaxy and some Mystique

Hi everyone,

This week is a slow stitching week, with other bits of life getting in the way. Here is a little more of Galaxy. This star has taken longer than all the others but the result is stunning. Although it is quite large when the other patterns are around the sides it sits very happily and quietly within the design. Very clever Kathy.

The other  piece I have been stitching/fixing is Mystique, by Jean Hilton. This is another at the 2/3rd stage and when I picked it up I remembered why this one had come to a halt. The ecru pattern on the outer edge is done with 2 strands of perle 12 and they just did not sit well. So out it all came and this time I restitched it using 1 strand and doing the stitch twice and making sure they lay side by side. Now I am much happier with the result. I know just call me obsessive but it stood out like a sore thumb that it wouldn't lay right, so now it is restitched I can live with the end result. Surely I am not alone when I say this, right?  Many sleepless nights are caused by fixing these problems in your sleep and not fixing these problems for real. Here is the photo of the result, so far.

Hope all your stitching problems are little ones. Bye for now, Carol

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