Thursday, 11 August 2011

Are you a stitching hunter/gatherer too

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my last x-ray. The shoulder bone has now mended and all that is left to do is increase my exercises to get more movement back. Yippeee......

Therefore not much stitching on Galaxy, but by next post I will have something to show.

I met with friends for afternoon tea and we sat and chatted about lots of things, which always includes needlework stash. We all have supplies well beyond life expectancy and we have decided we fall into the catagory of 'hunter/gatherers'. The fact that we could never stitch everything that we collect that catches our eye doesn't matter but the time spent collecting and planning the next project is just as exciting as starting a new project. Do you belong to this every expanding group of stitchers or are you well controlled and finish one piece before buying the next project? If you fall into the second group, I am very impressed, to me it is a bit like opening a box of chocolates and stopping at one. For me and the rest of my hunter/gatherer group it just isn't going to happen. We are a happy group and I tell myself that I and other h/g are keeping the stitching economy going, (well thats my little justification).

I have promised myself to complete most of my WIP's,  lots are at the 2/3rd stage of completion. This seems to be my stumbling block time and I find leaving a project for a while and then going back to it gives me a renewed interest in carrying on to finish. The latest WIP is Dowagiac by Jean  Hilton and it is one of the most colourful projects I have seen designed by Jean.

Some of my stitching friends aka Hunter/Gatherers
that's me in black,second row, left

Will post photos of Galaxy and Dowagiac soon.
Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Glad that shoulder is almost healed! That is very good news indeed. We are eager to see photos of your stitching progress. Not only are we collectors of needlework supplies, we collect pretty photos of eye candy, too!

  2. Here's to Hunter Gatherers! Although I'm pretty certain there's a Hoarders category and I'm in it.... with a lot of other stitchers to be sure. :) You're right -- we have to keep our shops, designers, etc in business!

    I love you Galaxy! Can't wait to see more.