Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I love nature but give me a break

Hi everyone,

This picture of Baxter says it all. At the moment it is bird nesting time.(by the by Baxter is way tooooo much of a gentleman to bother with birds). Now I love nature's small and cuddly creatures, but........ a native dove coo-cooing outside my bedroom window every morning at 5.00am is the limit. We have trying shooing it to another tree but it comes back and brings friends. We have left bread and seed in the back garden to encourage its relocation but that didn't work. So it looks like ear plugs are my only hope if sleeping till after 5.00am is to become an reality.

Friends, my stitching is suffering, this is just not good. A bleary eyed stitcher is not a good one. Even with all the needlework gadgets and tricks in the world wide open eyes are a must.

Now to what has been happening on the stitching front.

I received a parcel in the post on Wednesday, inside was a wonderful design called From Molehill to Mountain by Pamela Gardner. WOW.... having charted and writen many instructions I can appreciate the work that has gone into producing this design and notes. I have only been an ANG member for just over 2 years so I don't know a lot about how chapters work. Sara from Scarlet Thread is a member of the chapter group that is stitching this piece as a year long project. I do hope some of you will post your progress. This one is on my wish list to start very soon.

A little progress on Galaxy but not enough worthy of a photo, but very soon.

To anyone attending the San Antonio seminar, have a great time and post lots of photos when you come home,  sorry I couldn't make it this year I had intended to do Micheal Boren's class "Frankie". Not happy that I had to miss it but the 2012 seminar is highlighted on my calendar already in a very bright highlighter pen.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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  1. Wow, that got to you fast, Carol. I'll be posting pictures of some of the group's progress (we're all just getting started, even though we're supposed to be on the third block) in the next day or so.