Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A big hand for the sometimes serial non finisher

Hi everyone,

The needle has been flying. I just woke up and decided it was WIP time again. Some progress has been made on Galaxy, but just at the moment my head is in a different space. I have a photo with some more of the octagon rhodes area completed. This will get more attention very soon,now some other pieces are out of my head.

Back some time ago I posted about Dowagiac, by Jean Hilton, this was 2/3rd's completed (the old stumbling block) and it needed finishing. Well it is just about near finished and would be if I hadn't miss counted on the border green lines. So here is a photo as it is before I undo part of the border to fix my boo-boo. The black/gold metallic (around the outer edge and in the corners of the middle diamond) is a thread called Butterfly(Papillion) thread which comes from Greece, it is my favourite metallic and stitches beautifully. Not sure if it is available in USA or England but The Thread Studio in Western Australia keeps the full range if you would like to take a look at their website.

I am so heartened to hear our band of hunter/gatherers struck a cord with so many of you. Stitching people may live in many countries of the world but the stitching world is a cosy and happy little corner of that world. The happiest place for me when the world gets crazy is curled up in my stitching corner with the latest catalogue, magazine or a few charts deciding what to stitch next. Pure bliss.............

Hope you get to finish one of your WIPs soon.
Bye for now, Carol

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  1. It's always a pleasure to see your processes and finishes! So many colours, patterns and blocks!
    Thank you for sharing!