Sunday, 28 August 2011

The bird has flown

Hi everyone,

You guessed it, the dove has flown, to where I do not know. No more cooing in the early hours sleep glorious sleep.Yipee..............

Here is the latest on Galaxy, the big star is finished and 2 more smaller sections are nearly completed. Like the way the small stars (in the photo-top right) colour has stitched up.

The girls stitching From Molehill to Mountain as a chapter project have promised to post photos of their progress soon, looking forward to seeing these. There are also lots of photos of the seminar happenings in San Antonio on the ANG yahoo group board. Some fanastic new projects to see and add to your wishlist.

I have added Ro Pace's blogspot to my bloglist. Great to see her designs and to hear about the designing processes and some day to day interesting information. Welcome Ro.

Below is my next design to be released soon, Nile Jewels. The first is the original colourway and can be stitched with 3 squares or as below with 5. The 2 colourways are listed in the chart.

Hope you like these. Thank you to my test stitchers, Anne, Karen and Lis for their great work and friendship.

Bye for now, Carol

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