Friday, 5 August 2011

Another WIP finished

Hi everyone,

Below is the design I was stitching back in April the day I had my accident. There was only about 2 hours stitching left to complete this one, so I took a break from Galaxy and finished it. Danielle loves purple, so I hope this one appeals.

Jim Wurth- Old Country
The picture looks a little blue, but it is definately purple in the Walneto stitches.
There is lots of metalics in this piece so it shines like christmas lights under my daylight lamp.

Next WIP is Morganite by Debbie Rowley, that too is purple but this time more of a lilac and pastel blue.

More of Galaxy soon.  Happy stitching,bye for now, Carol


  1. This one looks great!!! I e-mailed Kathy about your conversion. I definitely want to stitch Galaxy in your colors.

  2. Absolutely adorable! Fantastic colours!

    Best wishes,