Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Start of Moorish Splendor cyberclass

Hi everyone,
This week I finally started Moorish Splendor a cyberclass by Jane Zimmermann. This is a design using lots of metallic and lots of silk laided in all sorts of fancy ways. When I finished the centre star it just looked a little plain and you know how I love bling. So with my threads from Cathe at Needle in a Haystack in CA was a reel of a very pretty Kreinik cord with a holographic green/gold hint that I added as a star over the already laid lavender silk. Now I am happy it sparkles.
Moorish Splendor
Jane Zimmerman

As you can see there is still a lot more metallic to be added so it will shine a lot more when it is finished. I have 2 more sections to catch up and the next part is due out very soon so I will concentrate on the lower right hand corner and add the other corners little by little.

I have made some more progress on Trees which I usually stitch at night while watching the television. There is only 1 more row of 4 trees to complete and this has been fun to stitch, so much so that I have dug out another Keslyns "Teensy Weensy" to do next. 
Here is My Little Trees so far.
My Little Trees
On a different note I have been trying to name my new bear. Friends and family have given me a few names but none have really stuck. If you can think of a lovely name for my Milk Chocolate bear please post and let me know. If I chose your choice I will send you some Australian goodies as a thank you. Have fun and happy stitching.
Bye for now, Carol

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  1. Love the colors you chose for Moorish Splendor. How about Hershey for the name of your milk chocolate bear. That's the name of an American company that manufactures milk chocolate candy and has a wonderful amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.