Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A near finish

Hi everyone,
Wow I have been a busy little person this week. After booking the airfares and accommodation for the Philadelphia ANG Seminar and finalising some notes for a submission to a magazine I finally found some time to stitch a little on Tweensy Weensy, here is the progress so far. Its a near finish but I still have to add the Painters names to the squares to complete it.

Note to self: Do not get ahead in a cyberclass as this will create unstitching.

Ohhh Dear. Square 3 of my FMTM will have to be undone. If I had waited for the class notes which tell you to reduce the number of threads on the edge stitches of part of the pattern so that it does not encroach on the next block I could have saved myself this extra work. Well this is why we take classes isnt it? This will be a lesson well learned. There is not much more of my other cyberclass Moorish Splendor yet but it is planned that I work on that one later this week, so there should be some more photos soon.

A big thank you to Carol for her bear naming help. There will be a surprise package posted this week to your home. It was so nice to hear you have a clementine tree in your yard as Clementine is the name I decided suited my special bear the best.

Also it was great to hear from Nancy about attending the ANG Seminar, I hope to catch up and have coffee with as many people as I can while there. 

Does anyone have any ideas about travelling in the neighboring states around Boston? My DH and I love scenery and I think this area would be just right for us. Is it necessary to hire a car to get about the Mid Atlantic states? Any help would be appreciated.

Happy stitching, bye for now Carol


  1. Ah, Boston! It is the perfect town to ramble around on foot because it is small. Driving in and around Boston can be a nightmare because the roads are often small (its an old town, after all) and not well marked. Everyone drives way too fast as well. So I'd examine Boston proper by foot and train and take a tour or two. Then you can expand using a car to ramble up and down the coastline. I particularly love Hull, Cohasset and Hingham (The South Shore, i.e., south shoreline from Boston) but then I lived there. The North Shore has more things to see if you like history such as Salem. Cape Cod and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard can be difficult because this is the beach season and getting there a bit difficult (especially the islands as you have to book transport to take a car). Maine is beautiful in the summer and not too far a drive. Western Massachusetts and Vermont are lovely mountainous areas. You will definitely need a car to get anywhere except around Boston proper. There is no public transport from state to state although I suppose you could take a train to NYC. Rhode Island (if you go try Newport) and Connecticut are pretty but I'd stick to exploring Massachusetts myself.

  2. Yes, you will need a car depending on where you want to go. There is Amtrak (train) along corridor (Philly, NYC and Boston), which is very easy.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Are you traveling from Philadelphia up to Boston? Or are you looking for areas to visit in/around Philadelphia?

    There is sooooo much to do in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

    If you want to travel outside of Philadelphia, yes you will need a car. The Mid-Atlantic usually includes (definitions vary) the following states,

    Washington, DC
    New Jersey

    Some definitions also include New York though most of us in the Mid-Atlantic would consider new York to be a Northern State.

    They may also include Virginia and West Virginia though both of these are more commonly considered Southern States.

    It just depends on where you are in the Mid-Atlantic.

    I'm located in Central Maryland.

    I'm a member of ANG though I won't be going to Seminar in Philadelphia. Too many family conflicts with that week as I'll have one child going overseas to Grad School and the second one entering college.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help you out or point you in the right direction.

    Windy Meadow