Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Little things and a big surprise

Hi everyone,
I received a lovely surprise on Monday when I met with friends for a stitching day. Margaret presented me with a large white box tied with a pretty red ribbon. Inside was a fabulous new LED light made by Horn Australia a company that is very well known for their sewing cabinets. We had admired them at the Country Bumpkin market-day and Margaret was very impressed with the idea that the light has a dimmer switch with several settings. There are 2 models, the other has an extension arm allowing it to move all over the place. I tried using it indoors during the day with a lower dimmer setting and again at night by using a higher setting and it was just great. Even DH has given it the seal of approval, being that he used the call my other light "Big Strobe" and headed for the sunglasses. So stitching in front of the TV with DH snoozing next door is no longer a problem, and the added bonus is it folds flat and weighs next to nothing. Thank you, thank you Margaret for such a wonderful gift.

I have made a tiny bit of progress on FMTM but I am up to date with this one so I have slowed down as to not get too far ahead. The colours are coming together ( I hope) and the dark purple is a silk/wool blend Gumnuts thread.

Because I have been out and about I started a new little project that packs up small for stitching days. Yep it is the Keslyn's Teensy Weensy chart. This one is stitched on 26 count evenweave with sparkles using one ply of Painters Threads overdye, stitched one over one thread. Aren't the colours of the threads lovely, such a variety with names like Renoir, Van Gogh and Klimt. My plan is to stitch the names of the threads into the border.

This is a bit of a long post but I do have some great extra news. Anne and I have been advised we were successful with our class choices for the ANG Seminar in Philadelphia. Woo Hoo. So the next few weeks will be busy choosing flights and making travel plans. Very exciting. Hope to see you there.

PS. Carol, thank you for posting a comment and a name suggestion for my new bear, although I decided to call her Clementine if I ever buy a male bear Hershey would be such a lovely name. Please would you email me with your snail mail address and I will send some goodies to you for posting your help.

Bye for now, Carol


  1. Hi Carol, I really enjoy your blog and hearing about your stitching life in Australia. What classes did you sign up for in Philly? Have you been to the US before?

    1. Hi
      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my meanderings. My friend Anne and I have signed up for Atlantis Rising and Graphic Expressions so we will be very busy stitchers. We have both been to USA before but I have only been to California so I am looking forward to seeing the east coast.
      Bye for now, Carol