Sunday, 11 March 2012

First stitches on cyberclass

Hi everyone,
This week saw the first stitches completed for my cyberclass through Scarlet Thread. This is the first time I have used congress cloth 24 count canvas and I am liking it. The stitches are delicate and tiny so the shine on the laid threads is lovely. This project is going to be a long term one, making decisions on what thread/colour is keeping me busy. Pam's (the designer) notes and on line help are excellent but I still can't help tinkering and tweaking little bits.

From Molehill to Mountain by Pam Gardner
Cyberclass 2012 thru Scarlet Thread
After my copy of Needlepointers arrived in the mail recently with the 2012 ANG Philadelphia Seminar book, I spent quite some time trying to decide which classes to enrol in. One is Ro Pace's Atlantis Rising and the other Micheal Boren's Shenandoah, but I am very sad to find out that the classes with Michael Boren have been withdrawn. I do hope he is okay. So back to the book and I have chosen Susan Reed's Graphic Expressions. Now all there is to do is wait and hope that I am successful in the class ballots. Have you chosen your classes yet?

Happy stitching, Bye for now, Carol


  1. Michael's had some health problems but I think he is improving, just doesn't want to overdo things. He's a great guy and I hope he gets better soon.

  2. This is looking very nice, Carol! I like your color choices.

    I hadn't heard that Michael Boren's classes have been withdrawn; I was wondering about his ability to teach in person. He's been doing cyberclasses with Carole Lake. I had a class with him once, and he's a wonderful teacher.

  3. Molehill is all about the tweaking and tinkering. It seems every time I start a new area I have to make several decisions! I have a notebook that I keep with this piece so I can keep track of those decisions. Like I've relocated the blocks on mine based on which ones will have black thread in them - only three of them will. And I found I need to write down my thread choices carefully including the number of plies. LOL Lesson learned the hard way on that one!

    I love your color choices. And can't wait to see more progress.