Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cross eyed, time for a little canvas

Hi everyone,
After a few weeks of intense stitching on 36count linen it is nice to be able to stitch without magnification. Pulled this chart out of the stash, Eureka, Jean Hilton 1991 it was bought some time ago, I first saw this stitched up and looking lovely on a friend's wall. The original colours are apple green, periwinkle,deep rose and lavender and some pretty Watercolours, Peach Sherbet,Sunset and Deep Sunset which I had kitted up at the time. There are lots of metallics and shiny, shiny Neon Rays. Here is the outline and a few stitches.
 The first canvas of 2012. Here is the progress so far, there would be a lot more if I hadn't counted the space incorrectly between the borders the first time I stitched it. The chart suggests ( and I don't question what Jean Hilton recommends) that you stitch all the borders first. The light shiny pink Neon Rays are worked with 36" and 48" lengths. Oh for longer arms.
Eureka, Jean Hilton 1991

There was a little more stitching on Lavender Fields but not enough to share. 

Bye the Bye take a look at a wonderful online class project offered by Amy Mitten, Thread Winder bags with accessories in 3 choices of design and colour which are all wonderful. Needleprint blogspot and Amy Mitten's website have wonderful photos of the choices. But be quick the online classes are filling up fast.

Happy stitching, Bye for now, Carol

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  1. How beautiful, I have never seen this pattern before. Please keep on sharing lots of photos, I am very interested in seeing this one develop.

    I agree about longer arms for some projects and sometimes more than two hands as well.