Sunday, 4 December 2011

Heave ho Internet Explorer

Hi everyone,
Just when I thought everything was okay another gremlin appeared. It seems IE9  has a few little problems which they are working on. So to enable me to blog it got the old heave ho and Google Chrome has taken its place. Which means friends a whole new learning experience for the techno challenged. Oh well they tell me you have to keep the brain cells active as you get older. 

I have finished a little more of Emerald, the star with the green border is my favourite so far. The metallic highlight is Kreinik 12 #085 a really pretty thread which I am sure will be used for another project really soon.

Here is Emerald

Each Christmas at the Embroiderers Guild we have an end of year party and we exchange handmade gifts. This is my contribution which will be finished as a pincushion. The thread is Anchor multicolour cotton Number 1206 and the linen is 35count Natural by Permin. As usual I have left this till last minute. The party is on the 15 December, 2 weeks away and I am sure you would never do such a thing right? Lol...................

This is it so far.

Isnt it a pretty pattern, its from France and I love red just as much as green in equal amounts. Well I am off now to finish this now I have the backing I needed. Happy stitching, its great to be back.

Bye for now, Carol

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  1. It is a very pretty pattern. Me, I wait until 2 days before the deadline before doing finishing. Two weeks? You are an amateur at procrastinating!