Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Happy dance, found a Michael Boren chart

Hi everyone,
Ever since not being able to attend and stitch Michael Boren's class at the 2011 ANG Seminar it has been a bit of an obsession for me to acquire at least one of his charts to stitch. Well the good news is I recently found some. This is the one I decided on its called "Scheheradaze" the design was issued in 2003 under his design name of Shenandoah Stitchery Designs. It has 8 colourways listed and is a small piece on 7" x 10" stretcher bars. I have chosen the original colourway on black 18 count canvas because the colours are so very rich.

This will be a good project to complete between some of the really large pieces waiting in the stash.

Yesterday I spent a day with friends stitching and chatting, but the weather was sooooo hot  32deg C it was more chatting than stitching so not a lot more completed on Emerald. The pincushion is finished so that is one more to cross off the list of to-do's.

Thought you may like to see 2 Colour of the Month threads that arrived lately.


And Blue

These are thanks to Theresa at Homestead Needlearts, Thereas always makes great choices when matching the colours.

Happy stitching, Bye for now, Carol

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