Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Which way to turn?

Hi everyone,

This week has been a bit of a dilemma. Because I stitch and teach more than counted canvaswork it has been a “which way do I go” kind of week. So flitting from one technique to another has been the dilemma. Just at the moment I need to split into 2 to achieve everything. Although I am not sure the world would be ready for two of me.
There has been a little more stitching on Looking Glass, some construction of some stitching accessories, finishing of a sample class project and working on the next canvas design to be released.

Here is the latest on Looking Glass, doesn’t look like a lot more but the outline took quite some time to complete. Now it is down to the interesting stitches. Yeah......................

Hope you enjoyed the free Christmas Star project from my last post and may I add a big thank you to Janet Perry over at Nuts about Needlepoint (in my blog list) for mentioning it in her postings.
Bye for now, Carol
PS: Hope to catch up with some of you through the “From Molehill to Mountain” cyberclass at Scarlet Thread. I am off to sign up.

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