Monday, 17 October 2011

October, it can't be October....

Hi everyone,

This week there is a little more of Looking Glass completed. A lot of the minor motifs that are between the larger ones I have not added yet. I think I will wait until the beads and crystals are added in each area and decide whether it needs the extras or not. I like the large yellow canvas spaces showing through it seems to lighten the browns and oranges of the threads.
Here she is so far.

Looking at the calendar is scary; it is a little over 2 months before Christmas and as usual I haven’t started any of my hand stitched Christmas cards. Every year I promise myself I will start in January and have them finished in advance so that the mad rush at the end of the year doesn’t happen. Well ha ha as if that was ever going to happen. As usual it will take a few late nights of mad flying needles to make the 2011 cards a reality. Why do we do this to ourselves? I kid myself I work better under pressure, but if I think about it that is just an excuse that doesn’t cut the mustard. Let’s face it, it boils down to the “we will do it tomorrow” philosophy and we all know about that. Right? So if you have Christmas stitching to complete here is a friendly reminder to START NOW and maybe December 2011 won’t be as hectic (in the stitching area) as usual.

Happy stitching with no reverse stitching (we just haven’t got the time),

Bye for now, Carol

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