Thursday, 20 October 2011

Free Christmas chart

Hi everyone,
 Talking about Christmas projects in my last post prompted me to design and offer you this little free Christmas Star chart. Because the design is only 1.5” x 1.5”(4x4cms) it makes a nice sized scissor fob or an insert for a Christmas card. Hope it helps with your Christmas stitching. Enjoy.

Christmas Red Star
Christmas Blue Star

The specialty stitches I have charted in the above diagrams. The outer border is gobelin stitch over 2 (remember to change direction). Followed by a single row of tent stitches. The corners are small alternating scotch stitches. The border around the star are smyrna crosses.

Colours used in the above samples.
Red: Needle Necessities Kris Kringle 1531 or T/Works 1090, N/N Green with Envy 1320 or T/Works 1047, T/Works #8 overdye braid 71089
Blue: N/N 1830 Jewels of the Nile or T/W 1138, Gumnuts Yarns Buds 589, Green, Metallic, I used a scrap of mulitcolour thread, please use any mulitcolour you would like.
Use 3 strands of overdye cotton, 1 strand Metallic and Buds.

Not much more stitching on Looking Glass I will have more to show by next post.

Bye for now, Carol

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