Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stitching with friends

Hi everyone,
Mystique by Jean Hilton is finished. She was a genius, way ahead of her time. There were 2 backstitched rows around the creamy narrow border but I decided it was nicer without them. Here is the photo.

Stitched more on Looking Glass but this one will need pacing as the yellow canvas is very drawing to the eyes. Colours are great with lots of texture. The photo will come soon as more of the second circle is stitched.

Tonight is stitching night down at the EGSA so I will catch up on what everyone is working on. This is always fun, some evenings not much stitching happens as the ‘girls ‘ are in a  mischievous mood and we spend most of the evening swapping funny stories about DH antics or interesting titbits of life. The group’s ages range from 20 somethings to 80 somethings so there is always someone with a mild crisis that needs to be heard and solved. We all at some time have arrived in a mood of hair pulling only to leave with the weight of the world removed from our shoulders by this special group.  Friends make the world rock.

Remember those empty stretcher bars. Slap, slap the sound of one very naughty stitcher slapping the back of her hand. They are starting to fill up again. Decided last night that a smaller design was needed so I framed up an old Jean Hilton piece called Eureka which in on 14 x 14 bars. This one is much more manageable to take to stitching group. Will post photo when I have more than a couple of stitches done.

Bye for now, Carol
PS: Thank you for the kind words about Aquamarine and thanks for letting me off the hook with Santa Jane.


  1. Mystique is beautiful! Good job!

    Stitching with friends is very therapeutic. This morning my group (started in my shop in 2006 I think) will be comforting our eldest member, 84 at the end of October, who lost her great-granddaughter to cancer earlier this week. Her daughter's family lives in Australia, so she won't be able to get to the funeral today. We're hoping to help shore her up in the face of such a devastating loss.

  2. Any time, Carol!

    Jane, who has been naughty also here in CH and needs Santa's indulgence - have you seen this painted canvas, Carol?

  3. I love Jean Hilton patterns and this one is gorgeous!

  4. Woooaaauuuu! Beautiful!