Monday, 12 September 2011

Basketweave ughhh..........

Hi everyone,
I am a little late in posting but I have been trying to finish Galaxy, it is taking a little longer than I thought. The last star has a lot of basketweave to stitch and this is not my favourite stitch (I just need lots more practice). So to encourage me to keep going I have started my next project “Looking Glass” by Threedles in between this last piece of the design.

Here is the centre of Looking Glass. Already I have changed the thread and moved about the pattern a little just to make me happy. Just beware if you stitch this piece that the stitch diagram for the centre border and the master pattern do not match. A little whoops that does happen from time to time even with all the checking and double checking they still slip through as I have found from bitter experience when creating my own charts.

The colourway is the set using Buttercream yellow canvas and Gloriana, Apricot Grove silk for the main colour, real autumn (Fall) colours. Haven’t seen this buttercream canvas colour before and it is looking good with these shades. Have added into the photo a few of the other colours in the design. The colour in this photo is quite brown but the canvas in a bright yellow.

A little while ago we talked about From Molehill to Mountain a design by Pam Gardner. As promised Sara (Scarlet Thread) has posted the progress the chapter group members are making on this design. Many thanks Sara. If you like this design and would like to take part in a cyber-class of this design, hop over to” A Stitchy Thing” blog(listed in my blog list to right) and vote for the cyber-class to go ahead. Looks like a very good idea and lots of fun. The colours the chapter members have chosen are lovely and are great inspiration. I think we should throw out a challenge to Jane at Chilly Hollow to stitch at least one square, we know you are very busy but how could you refuse a stitching challenge. What do you say Jane? LOL....................

Lastly, I had a lovely email from a friend in England showing photos of her interpretation of my free design posted earlier. Her stitching group are going to stitch the piece as a project in September and I am very excited to see the outcome shortly. Will post photos soon.

Bye for now, Carol
PS: To answer a question from a friend in Italy. The watercolours used in Galaxy are 060 Slate and 050 Eggplant.

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  1. What do I say? I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!!

    Maybe after I get back to Stars this winter. I really want to finish that piece and after that, I have a Jim Wurth, a Jeff Kulick and a Tony Mineri charted piece to work. Which gentleman's design will I pick? Who knows!

    Carol, you are a naughty girl.