Sunday, 18 September 2011

But santa I promise to be good

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for your comments about Galaxy. I really enjoyed you following along until the end.

I decided before continuing on with Looking Glass a bit of stitching tidy up needed to take place. So out of the cupboard and various other hiding spots came the unfinished projects. Over the weekend several pieces we have talked about earlier have been completely finished and put to bed in the stitching vault. So Galaxy has friends to keep her company. Dowagiac, Aquamarine, Camelot and Silken Sonata have all come off the stretcher bars which mean new ones can now take their place. Thump, thump, the sound of one happy stitcher patting herself on the back for being a very good girl and not buying more stretcher bars instead.
Mystique is the next piece to be finished soon. Only the corners and a small border are needed to be stitched for it to be completed. There will be a photo soon.

 In the meantime here is the completed Aquamarine by Needle Delights, stitched in my Deep Ocean greens/blues with a few minor design changes. Thanks to Coni over at Spinster Stitcher for introducing me to this design. This one stitched up very quickly and was stitched on 12 x 12 stretcher bars which was a nice change from the larger projects.

Here is a list of the threads used from my blue/green stash:
Vineyard Silks: c078 Seafoam, c214 Naples Blue, c203 North Sea Green, c206 Seaport, c079 Reef Waters, c133 Iceberg. Needle Neccessities: Overdyed Perle 5, 5138, 5136.Watercolours: 197 Monsoon, 067 Celadon, 229 Oasis, 068 Mediterranean. Renaissance Designs Sprinkles 36, 06. J L Walsh silk/wool ovedye 1420. Madeira floss 1106 0518. DMC floss 597. Plus 2 threads from my hand-dyed collection, dyed when I was in my inventive phase, one is very very light pale green and the other olive green and grey overdye Perle 5.

Bye for now, Carol

Ps. Jane at Chilly Hollow is off the hook, the challenge is revoked, she told me how many counted pieces she has yet to finish. I am very impressed.


  1. Whew! But I know it was my threat to report you to Santa Claus that really got me off the hook....

  2. I love your Aquamarine. It's a beauty. Thanks for providing the thread used!


  3. Beautiful design - and blue colours look great!