Monday, 27 May 2013

M Designs finish

Hi everyone,
Late I know but some months are like that, you just cant plan anything life just happens.

I had one left over finish from last post to share with you
M Designs - Rose Mosaic Needleroll
32 count Antique White, own colours, crystals and beads
finished with overdye silk ribbon
These needle-rolls have gone out of fashion a little but I still think they are a great way to finish a piece if you don't want to frame it or make a flat ornament. They look good in a large bowl or basket together as a display on your favourite tabletop. There are a few more in the stash waiting to be stitched at a later date.

This week was my second date with the Back to Basics course at the Guild. I finished the pincushion and it has gone in for assessment  Now the wait to see what I could have done better. The second piece is a Needle-book with flannel sheets between the covers to hold your needles. This is all hand stitched with a handmade cord around the outside and a loop closure. I have chosen some pretty lavender quilting fabric and a darker lavender for the cover. I will share a photo next time as I have to set up a sampler of stitches first. The front cover has my initial C stitched in 3 types of chain stitches which is a real stretch as I don't do much  (none) surface stitchery. The girls tell me it will grow on me but I have my doubts. I miss the holes in the fabric very much and the evenness of the counted stitches. I am a counted girl through and through but it's good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally, I think.........

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. I'm a counted girl too - surface stitchery just doesn't agree with me. I am trying to finish one small piece of cruel (oops crewel) work this year- it's on my list of 60 things before I turn 60!

    1. Margaret the Crewel piece is lovely. Glad to hear it is one more off your list. Happy stitching.

  2. Adorable needle roll, elegant and lovely!


    1. Hi Tatyana, Glad you like needlerolls also. Maybe we can revive some interest in these little dust catchers.
      Bye for now.