Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yippee the roadwork is complete

Hi everyone,
Yesterday the roadwork outside my window was finished. It has taken a couple of weeks surprising really as the weather has not been kind to the council workers. 11 days straight of above 30degC. Finally my world can get back to some sort of normality, well the housework at least. No more grit and dust everywhere.

On the stitchy front there has been an addition to the christmas ornament tree stash.
All six tree ornaments
New ones Fa La La and He's a Flake
on 32 count Natural 1 over 1
I decided to switch over to 32 count linen on these to make the stitching a little easier and to save my sanity. It makes them every so slightly bigger but they still are a great size for hanging christmas tree ornaments.

Also I dug into the mystery box of things to finish and came up with this one.
Textile Heritage Collection
Arts and Crafts, Carnation and Feather
This was at the 2/3rd finish mark so it got a little more love and attention and voile it is now in the finished basket. These little designs come from Edinburgh Scotland and they have lots of pretty and small designs to chose from. It was supposed to be a scissor keep but because of the finished size it makes a better pin pillow. Pretty blues, they are so blue the colour shines.

I managed to stitch a little more on my 3D house, so this is where this one stands at the moment.
The Nutmeg Company
The Castle Inn
March is always a busy time in my family with lots of birthdays and family celebrations and currently we also have our nephew visiting from the UK. So lots of good food, drinks and great company. Looks like I will have to add a few more minutes to my daily walk to compensate for all the goodies eaten over this time.

Our Guild has an exhibition next year with the theme of Venice. Although I don't have anything really Venetian I was thinking Kurdy Biggs Looking Glass canvaswork piece might fit as it is really colourful and it would hopefully fit the theme. So I am off to do some work on this piece so I don't have to stitch it at the last minute (well that's the intention, LOL.................)

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol 


  1. All the ornaments are so lovely!
    Congrats with the roadworks finished :)


    1. Hi Tatyana, Thank you for your kind words.My little world is a much quieter place now the road machinery has been silenced. Aahhh quiet stitching time. Bye for now, happy stitching.

  2. Your little pin pillow is lovely. I have the matching needle book from Textile which I stitched years ago and finished maybe 2 years ago? Funny how some things just sit there waiting patiently.

    1. Hi Donna, That is the beauty of stitching. It doesnt need to be fed or entertained and just waits patiently and quietly until we rediscover these pieces from long ago.
      Happy stitching, bye for now